Horacio Distribution

Who we are?

Horacio Distribution, a swiss company, distributes Horacio cigars worldwide. The company and warehouse sub-customs are based in Geneva.

Horacio Distribution sells Horacio cigars all over Switzerland and coordinates the distribution of the brand for every importer worldwide.


Horacio Distribution – Creation

The brand Horacio arose in 2008 from the passion of three French Epicureans.

Christophe Leroy and Fabien Gil assure the production of the vitolas in Nicaragua.
Sylvain Toaldo who is settled in Switzerland develops and distributes the brand worldwide.


Horacio cigars

The manufacture of Horacio cigars is in Esteli, the capitale of the cigar in Nicaragua.

Horacio Cigars are made of the best tobaccos. Its draft is remarkable throughout the tasting.

The Horacio Cigar is made of:

  • An Ecuadorian wrapper
  • A binder of Costa Rica
  • A Nicaraguan filler
  • A prodigious set.