French Connection

Let’s embark on a unique sensory journey with the new range of Horacio cigars, “French Connection”. Explore this enchanting universe that transports you to secret roots carefully preserved somewhere in the Caribbean.

Evoking timeless refinement and a deep connection to French “Art de vivre”, the new “French Connection” series seamlessly illustrates the marriage between tradition and modernity.

Savor the delicious aromas that unfold with every puff of these meticulously crafted cigars. Notes of pepper, leather, and sweet spices, all enhanced with a subtle hint of chocolate. The moderate and perfectly balanced strength provides an exceptional tasting experience.

The Horacio French Connection range offers three distinct cigars, the 50, 52 and 56. Each of these modules, crafted in bundles of 15 cigars, is carefully presented in a paper box that combines elegance and functionality. The cigars, meticulously rolled in Costa Rica, are renowned for their unique blend, the exact composition of which is kept secret.

Immerse yourself in the timeless mystery of these cigars and let yourself be enchanted by a unique experience, signed by Horacio, celebrating the art of French living.

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