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Manufactured in the region of Esteli in Nicaragua, the Toaldo is a cigar with character rolled with the know-how of passionate torceadors.

Under a maduro wrapper and silvery reflections hides an assembly of Nicaraguan leaves offering this cigar an audacious balance. From its first drafts it will amaze you by the complexity of its aromas. Woody, spicy, roasted notes reveal a remarkable power. The Toaldo is an intense, generous and satiating cigar. Its savouring will delight the smartest palate.

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  • Toaldo A

    This little missile will overwhelm any aficionados of “Small Robusto” with its oily and very smooth coat and scents of leather and pepper. The whole coming along with vegetal and cedar scents.

    The first rich drafts will come along with a nice volume of smoke and aromas freeing mainly pepper and spice scents. Empowering and evolving progressively around these aromas this cigar offers a very interesting and complex final within a very short time.

    Round and suave this cigar will be the perfect match after a good meal and a liquor as ally.

  • Toaldo AA

    This magnificent cigar releases straightaway flavours of pepper and spices through its amazing Maduro coat. From the very first moment on the cigar amateur knows that this cigar refers to aficionados reaching for this kind of cigar.

    Crude it leads you essentially on these same aromas with some additional vegetal flavours to offer a powerful blend during its ignition in a perfect harmony.

    A cigar with a consequent chew. It will overwhelm and satiate any aficionado of powerful and sophisticated cigar.

  • Toaldo AAA

    The most impressive of the range this beautiful cigar with a Maduro coat. Perfectly manufactured its essential flavours are leather and spices.

    Crude the flavours take you to a blend of dry herbes and spices the whole on a honeyed touch.

    According to its combustion it becomes more and more powerful and present in mouth and satiating.

    A cigar for any time … Module le plus imposant de la gamme, ce très beau cigare à la robe Maduro sait en imposer. Parfaitement réalisé, il joue essentiellement sur des notes de cuir et d’épices.
    A cru, sa dégustation nous emmène vers des notes mélangeant les herbes sèches et les épices, le tout sur une touche miellée. Rassasiant, il devient plus puissant et plus présent en bouche, au fur et à mesure de sa combustion.
    Un cigare qui se déguste pour toutes les occasions.