Edicion Especial

The leaves are carefully selected from the rarest tobacco plants and aged for five years in a cellar for optimum fermentation.

These cigars, crafted from select tobaccos aged to perfection, offer a flavor experience that is both unique and exquisite. The signature double ring of each cigar is a hallmark of this prestigious collection.

Horacio Ediciòn Especial are sold in boxes of twelve or fifteen cigars.

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  • Horacio 10 Aniversario

    Horacio 10 Aniversario This Horacio “Anniversary Edition” was specially created for the 10 years of the prestigious Horacio brand. The cigars are dressed in a dark and glossy Habanos 2000 wrapper, perfectly stretched. Its delicate touch rhymes perfectly with the exceptional quality of its rolling.

    Dense, the tobacco is selected for its aromas, its structure and its flexibility allowing to exalt the best of the aromas while in balance. Raw, scents of leather, undergrowth, slightly accompanied by a smell of humus are supported by more roasted notes, returning us to subtle aromas of freshly brewed coffee.

    The first puffs invade the palate with subtle and airy notes. The sensory touches of leather are complemented by some woody notes with touches of honey at the end of the mouth. From the 2nd third, the roundness intensifies, the honey unctuousness develops and combines with the liquorice to compose a greedy and balanced final. A tasty cigar, perfectly balanced and with subtle and complex aromas. Limited edition. Each box is numbered and contains 12 cigars.

  • Le Coffret Horacio 4 ediciones limitadas

    The Horacio box is composed of four “Limited Edition” vitolas of the brand:
    Horacio Colosso
    Horacio Jacques Chancel
    Horacio Sled
    Horacio Bolosos

  • Horacio Sled edicion limitada

    This majestic module fits perfectly with the range of Horacio Cigars. It was created in honour of Pierre Sled a symbolic character of the French sports broadcasting.

    Like a Rugby player in the center of a scrum the Sled is a chunk. Its smoothness to the touch reveals the quality of a perfect rolling. Due to its sorely chosen tobaccos the cigar is dense. Its flavours fidget the nose with eloquence. The first puffs are suave and light. While savouring your cigar it empowers softly. Some wooden notes embrace the leather touch. Reaching first half, the volute warms up, the aromatic roundness becomes oilier and the unctuousness of the honey combined to the liquorice composes a well-balanced finish.

    The success is certain, the presentation is outstanding. This edition is limited, one could be addicted…

  • Horacio Jacques Chancel

    This Vitola was created in honour to the great educated man and cigar aficionado « Jacques Chancel ». This magnificent maduro cigar with a double ring reveals crude a leather and tannin melody.

    The perfect draft offers a quick and intense introduction. The generous and extensive swirls caress the palate softly. Nuts and precious wood scents dominate the tasting.

    During the second third, the rhythm accelerates, the cigar reveals itself, the light spices and precious wood set in. Delicate, this intense vitola can be savoured at any time. It wonderfully reflects the sharpness of Jacques Chancel’s personality.

  • Horacio Colosso edition especial HB

    Without compromise this Maduro vitola is perfectly built and dense. Its gleaming and oily wrapper augur a particular moment with this fellow.

  • Horacio Bolosos reserva especial HB

    The first of the limited series produced by Horacio, the Bolosos releases crude scents of beans.  Without bitterness, the smoke is full and generous. Powerful the latter is long in mouth. Scents of cocoa mixed with some spices quickly join during the second third. The final leaves a good impression, without back taste nor bitterness. This Bolosos is a pleasant buddy.

  • Horacio XL edicion limitada

    This massive robusto with a very oily and silky wrapper offers a well-balanced and delicious tasting. After an easy ignition and a foretaste the palate is invaded by aromas of spices reinforced by earthy notes. The second third evolves well and reveals rapidly its power. The final is rounder and more satiating. A cigar which be delight aficionados of big modules and who have spare time…

  • Horacio XXL edicion limitada

    An « outstanding” cigar ! This is the first thought that comes to mind when one comes across the Horacio XXL. It is not just outstanding for its size but also for its manufacturing quality standard to the brand and its perfect draft.

    The aromatic basis concentrates mainly around the white pepper and the leather, with some herbaceous notes. Its evolution is progressive yet typical for Horacio with a good chew and persistence of flavours. Despite its impressive size, its power is fully controlled and makes this Horacio XXL a vitola that will suit and please all connoisseurs, providing they are ready to spend at least two hours with their companion.