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Harmony and aesthetics: The excellence of Horacio Classic Cigars

Horacio Classic cigars are distinguished by a refined blend of tobaccos carefully selected from the most renowned regions of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Adorned with a soft and sophisticated Ecuadorian Colorado wrapper, these cigars stand out for their aesthetics. Their balance and consistency reveal a diverse and captivating aromatic richness throughout the tasting. Woody notes subtly intertwine with the warmth of spices, offering a deep and satisfying taste experience that will delight the most discerning aficionados.

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  • Horacio VIII

    This little Robusto is dense to the touch. The filler releases strong aromas reminding a walk in the forest. The undergrowth and its aromas of dry herbs and humus get involved delicately to the peaks of spices.

    The ignition is franck and direct. The first volutes release a mixture of spices and precious wood, all together with power and fervour. Settling down after a while and becoming rounder the aromas adjust to the tasts of precious wood with a remarkable smook for its size.

    This little vitola is powerful and complex and prouves again a perfect control of tabacco blending.

  • Horacio VII

    The creation of this cigar built the basis of Horacio cigars. This Robusto coated by a very oily wrapper releases rich scents of leather and shed.

    The first impressions are confirmed  at the ignition and the abundance of aromas surprises. Nuts taste are empowered by humus at a very early stage. The creamy keeps it all with a reasonable but present smoke. The generous aromatic palett is completed by the scent of spices in the second third.

    The length in mouth and the mastered power prove a perfect construction. The sharpness and delicay make of this Robusto a pleasant buddy.

  • Horacio VI

    This beautiful cigar could be qualified as the little chubby because of its impressive ring (66 for 10 cm length). It releases scents of leather and pepper of its dense filler.

    A frank ignition with no surprise and an easy draft. The first drafts make you experience honeyed and soft spices scents.

    This cigar is dedicated to an educated public. Within a while this cigar becomes smoother. This exceptional module will please any aficionado appreciating satiating cigars.

  • Horacio V

    This beautiful “Short Magnum” with a very tied foot and a rich and oily coat releases very complex scents of nuts and green pepper.

    Its construction is exemplary and offers scents of dry herbs and undergrowth. The first puff of smoke offer a nice length in mouth. The fragrances of precious wood and nuts touch the palate with delicacy and in harmony.

    Its relative power and pepper scents offer a cigar you do not want to quit with.

  • Horacio IV

    This “Small Belicoso” with its generous cepo surprises by its distinctive shape. Short, thickset, its silky and oily coat let the scents of dry fruits and fresh walnuts come across of a delicate, perfectly composed filler.

    Its easy draft releases delicate airy puffs. At the ignition its full smoke and regular combustion free peppered and delicately herbaceous aromas for your palate. The final concludes pleasantly and offers the smoker to enjoy the cigar with serenity.

  • Horacio III

    This magnificent « Duke » is perfectly filled and wrapped in an oily coat. It is the ideal buddy for any occasion. The choice and the quality of its tobacco free fungal steams mixed by tanned leather. The peppered aromas are revealed at the ignition.

    Simultaneously, vegetal and peppered, the Horacio N° 3 evolves slowly without breaking through. Its length in mouth offers a sense of sensuality to your palate.

    This cigar will please aficionados looking for a delicate cigar offering a consequent module but also, a amateur who wants to join the world of scents with a cigar of character.

  • Horacio II

    This “Sublime” will enchant your eyes by its size. Its aromatic pallet refers specially to a touch of leather followed by floral and fig scents.

    Its excellent draft reveals touches of dry fruit on an earthy note. Its rich smoke satiates any aficionado in search of an ongoing cigar. Going through from peppered to vegetal peaks this vitola assures a very pleasant moment.

  • Horacio I

    The Horacio I cigar, awarded Cigar of the Year 2023 by Cigaroscope, seduces at first sight!

    Cold, the senses are enchanted by light, delicate notes of leather and herbs. Its aroma, redolent of leather and fresh herbs, invites a sensory journey.

    The draw, perfectly balanced, releases a complex blend of leather and cedar notes, resulting in a rich, satisfying and generous smoke.

  • Horacio 0

    The impressive Magnum Gordo of 178 mm length will relish any aficionados. Covered with a magnificent wrapper this cigar releases scents of tannic leather, pepper and dried herbs.

    The conflagration is slow, such a Goliath needs to be cherished. The first swirls of this cigar combine a well-balanced taste of soft spices and white pepper. The drawing offers wide puffs of smoke satiating the papillae. Evolving delicately the aromas are subtle. A slight earthy scent appears in the second third whereas, the final condenses aromas of dark chocolate and precious wood. An aromatic symphony led by a master’s hand.